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Swim All Year Round With The Aquatek 6.5/9KW Swimming Pool/Spa Heat Pump

Swimming pools that are unheated typically are seldom used and at most up to 3 months only for the year.

Our Eco Aquatek range of heat pumps can provide energy efficient, eco-friendly and affordable pool heating all year round.  This will ensure you and the family get maximum use and enjoyment from the investment you have made into your swimming pool.



Why choose an Eco Aquatek Heat pump?

World Class Performance

Eco Aquatek swimming pool/ spa heat pumps are designed to work in harsh Australian conditions and European cold winters.

With a coefficient of Performance (COP) of 6.0 at an air temperature of 27C and 4.5 at just 15 C, Eco Aquatek is one of the most efficient units available on the market. This powerful efficiency can save up to 80% on running costs compared to alternative gas or electric pool/ spa heating.

All units have been tested with confirmation of COP performance here in Australia.

Whisper Quiet Operation

With a noise output of as little as 40 decibels you can be assured that you and your neighbours will not be aware of the heat pump running while it heats the pool or spa.

Outstanding Quality, Reliability and Durability

Eco Aquatek Heat Pumps are built using only top –quality Japanese and European components. The titanium heat exchanger in not only extremely efficient, it will never rust. Our heat pumps also feature commercial grade digital controls, water flow switches and high grade compressor capacitors.

Heat and Cool

Eco Aquatek heat pumps not only heat your pool, they can cool it with equal simplicity. This is ideal for warmer tropical regions or peak summer months during extended hot weather periods.

Eco Aquatek Heat Pump Benefits

  • Inexpensive to run
  • Swim in your pool year round
  • Suitable for spa heating
  • Operate efficiently rain, hail or shine!
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • Attractive, compact heating unit
  • Top quality and extremely durable heat exchanger
  • Installation is quick and easy

How do heat pumps work?

Heat pumps are designed to heat your pool or spa by extracting ambient heat from the surrounding air – even in low temperature conditions. This heat energy is absorbed by a refrigerant gas, compressed and heated further. The heat is then transferred to your pool via the titanium heat exchanger.

This process is the same as a reverse cycle air conditioner and can deliver up to 6 times more heat energy than the electrical energy used.

Choosing the right Eco Aquatek Heat Pump for your Swimming Pool/Spa

Discount Pool Shop will assist and support you in choosing a heat pump model that is suitable for your requirements.

Please use the table below as a reference.

Running costs

Please refer to the table as a guide to running costs.

Installation – Quick and Easy

To install your heat pump you will need some 40mm pressure pipe and fittings. If you use the existing filter pump you will need to install a bypass valve to ensure correct flow rates and isolation valves for servicing.

If you use a separate suction and return you will need a small circulation pump and an electrician to wire the pump via a switch directly to the control panel on the heat pump.

All 5kw and 9kw units can plug directly into a 10 amp power point. All other larger units will require an Electrician to hard wire the heat pump on a separate circuit.

Please phone Discount Pool Shop for further support.


Discount Pool Shop offers warranty on all products from the date of consumer purchase. All conditions below are based upon the product being faulty and / or not performing as described. If your Item arrived damaged or not as described, please refer to the Terms and Conditions policy.

The warranty cover does not extend to damage caused by accident, misuse, neglect, natural disaster or other external causes; to damage caused by operating the equipment in a manner outside that described in the instructions.

Important Notes

A Solar pool cover is necessary to minimise running costs and maximise heat retention.

The cost and efficiency will vary throughout Australia as it depends on numerous factors – geographical location, season, wind, sun etc.

The cost of the unit does not include transport. Please use the above freight calculator to see if your eligible for free freight


6.5/9KW Swimming Pool/Spa Heat Pump - COP 6 - Plugs Into Standard Power Point!

$ 2295.00

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