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DIY Solar Pool Heating Kit COMPONENTs

The following page describes everything that is included in your Solar Pool Heating Kit.

Nitrile Elastomer Solar Heating Collector

Solar CollectorQuality Australian made with 10 year warranty
Ideally suited for the harsh Australian climate and high chlorine exposure (i.e. when used in conjunction with a solar blanket) and will not breakdown like cheaper EPDM rubber versions. This is particularly important for indoor pools where temperatures can be extreme.

This is high quality collector that sticks directly to your tiles or tin roof without the necessity for unsightly tile straps.

Our rolls are 30 metres long which means you can use 7.5 metre runs (up and back) and avoid having to join your strips. Additional connecting barbs are included for alternate strip lengths that require joining.

Complete Accessory Kit

Absolutely everything you need to install this system!

Includes the following per 4 m2 roll of collector:

1 metre length manifold sections - plastic welded connections!
1 x Manifold clips
1.25 x Silicone roof glue
1 x Black 40mm joiners
8 xCollector joining barbs
2 x Black 40mm end caps
1 x Pressure pipe saddles (40mm)

In addition to the following:

4 x Black 90 degree elbows (40mm)
1 x Vacuum relief valve and tee (40mm)
1 x 3-Way valve (40mm)
1 x White Tee (40mm)
10xWhite 90 degree elbows (40mm)
1 x Repair kit (barbs, grommets and sleeves)

Instruction Manual – 20+ pages

Every detail you need to successfully install this system to your roof and integrate to your pool plumbing is covered in detail with guiding photos.




DIY Installation DVD

Discount Pool Shop now includes a comprehensive solar pool heating installation DVD as standard on ALL kits!

This DVD guides you through the entire installation process, removing the guesswork and uncertainty ensuring that you can achieve the same result as a professional.

Discount Pool Shop is pleased to offer discounted prices on the most popular swimming pool and spa products.

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