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Discount Pool Shop offers an affordable Solar Pool Heating solution "in a box" that can easily be installed by the average handyman.

You do not require any special tools or knowledge to achieve a professional solar pool heating installation result. 

All of our Solar Heating Kits come with a FREE DIY Solar Pool Heating Installation DVD that removes the guess work and shows you EXACTLY how the professionals do the job.

Our DVD runs for 25 minutes and we promise after watching this you WILL have the confidence to install your solar heater.  Of course, if you need advise or assistance, we are only too pleased to assist!



Here's a couple of sample videos...

How To Roll The Solar Heating Collector and Complete the Loop Ends
 & How To Connect To The Manifold

How To Plumb For Manual Solar Heating Bypass Operation

Discount Pool Shop is pleased to offer discounted prices on the most popular swimming pool and spa products.

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