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AUTO & MANUAL DIY Solar Pool Heating Kits

Discount Pool Shop offers an affordable pool heating solution that utilises the sun's free solar energy to heat your swimming pool.  Our DIY Solar Pool Heating Kits come complete with absolutely everything you need to turn your cold pool into a tropical delight!  In addition, all of our solar pool heating systems include a comprehensive installation DVD that will give any handyman the confidence to achieve a professional job. 

Discount Pool Shop and our parent company have been specialising in the solar pool heating industry for well over 25 years.  We only utilise Australian made solar heating products and offer full after sales support and warranty on everything we sell and recommend.

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How Solar Heating Works

In a nutshell, water is diverted from the filtration system of your pool to the sunniest roof available on your home (or out-buildings).  Typically, this is a north or north west facing roof.

The water from your pool will be heated from the sun’s radiant energy as it passes through the collectors.

The water is then returned to the pool and the cycle is repeated until your pool has been warmed.

When combined with an digital solar controller, the process is automated ensuring that your pool water is maintained at a more constant temperature.


Save Money, Energy and Double Your Swimming Season

Using the sun's radiant energy to heat your pool comes with its advantages.  Aside from the initial purchase of your solar heating system and the energy used to power your filtration system (which is most likely going to be on anyway), heating your swimming pool with a solar heater is free!  When you consider the alternatives to heating your pool such as gas or heat pumps, solar pool heating wins hands down.

Solar Pool Heating  will at least double your swimming season in the cooler Southern States and will provide year round swimming in Northern States.

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There are quite a few factors to consider however there is a basic rule to follow...


A detailed list of all the components included in your DIY solar pool heating kit.


Watch our DVD for just 25 minutes and you WILL have the confidence to install your own solar heating.

Discount Pool Shop is pleased to offer discounted prices on the most popular swimming pool and spa products.

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